Auto Finesse Dynamite pre hand wash
• Hand wash using Auto Finesse Lather shampoo
• Hand dry using Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe drying towel
• A detailed alloy wheel clean using Auto Finesse Imperial wheel product
• Wash tyres and dress them with Auto Finesse Satin crème finish
• Dress mud flaps with Auto Finesse Satin crème finish
• Attend door sills with Auto Finesse Spritz detail spray
• Hand clean and restore vehicles trim with Auto Finesse Revive restorer
• Polish glass and mirrors with Auto Finesse Crystal glass cleaner


Cars £15.00 One hour required
4 x 4 and Mini Vans £20.00 One and a half hours required


• Fully vacuum the interior carpets and foot wells
• Fully vacuum the interior seats
• Vacuum interior mats, remove them and further attention using bristle brush
• Empty ash trays and wash them
• Remove all rubbish from the interior
• Polish interior windows and mirrors using Auto Finesse Crystal glass cleaner
• Treat dashboard with Auto Finesse spritz interior detail spray
• Attend door trims with Auto Finesse vinyl dressing


Cars £25.00 2 hours
4 x 4 and Mini vans £35.00 2.5 hours


Added Extras

A full Auto Finesse leather hide seat cleanser. A mild glycerin product that is specifically balanced to safely remove grime from modern leather materials.
£15.00 Add an extra 30 mins


Receive the ultimate gloss finish to your paint work with the Auto Finesse Finale Carnauba infused detailing spray. A sweet cherry scent and achieves a warm carnauba glow.
£15.00 Add an extra 30 mins