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Our Post Party Service



Your party was fantastic and  your guests have had a fantastic time.

Then the sight of the after party mess is visible.

It’s a daunting sight, isn’t it? And the following morning, nursing a gentle hangover,

you have to start clearing it up. This is the negative side of organising a party at your home.

This is where Giles & Co. come to rescue!

Our post party service will take care of absolutely everything.


There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you look at the mayhem the morning after the party. For a start, we clear all glasses, cans, rubbish, bottles, empty all the kitchen bins in the kitchen and all the other rooms. We then move onto the lounge where the same clean up is carried out. We then clean and polish all surfaces and vacuum or mop the floor.

The bathroom and toilet are next on our list. We will clean all the surfaces, as well as the sink, taps and mirrors. We then scrub and disinfect the toilet

and finish off by vacuuming and mopping the floor.


The kitchen is usually the focal point of a party and is next on our list. We wash up all the plates and glasses that have been discarded, clean all the work surfaces including the sink and taps. After we have vacuumed and mopped the floor you wouldn’t believe that a party had been in full swing just the night before.


We are able to attend to any other area you may feel needs our attention. If your party is a garden party then we will also provide you with an excellent service.

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